Play care is better care!

Just like us homo sapiens (humans), our canis lupus familiaris (dog) kids and companions often do better by expressing energy and interacting with others.  But life gives you a schedule and things to do, so you can't be home with them every day all day. 

When you're away, the available research indicates that separation anxiety can be especially pronounced in dogs and could develop into troubling behavior issues that leave dog parents rightly concerned and frustrated.  It can also be quite costly in terms of damage to your household property, disrupted schedules, even vet appointments and medications as many dog parents turn to veterinarians for help with dog behavior modification.  Not surprisingly, a significant number of annual vet visits in the United States are related to problematic dog behavior.  If we left our human kids at home alone all day, would they feel lonely, isolated, and develop negative behaviors?

Similarly, a lack of play time for dogs can lead to unwelcome behavior.  In fact, a Bristol University study, "found a strong correlation between lack of play and increased behavioral issues with our dogs.  The research found that a lack of play can cause up to 22 different behavioral issues. These undesirable behaviors include anxiety, aggression, pulling on the lead, whining, and not coming when called. (

"Humans and dogs are two of the few species of mammals that continue to play well into adulthood. Dogs need to engage in fun activities just as humans in order to keep them both mentally and physically fit."  Beyond the many benefits play time provides your dog related to mental alertness and behavior, it's also a way for them to maintain a healthy weight.  "Current estimates find that 53% of U.S. dogs...are overweight or obese."  Play time helps your dog burn calories and keep their weight in check, which might extend their life expectancy according to the research.  (

Let us help with maintaining your dog's health and reducing their separation anxiety.  Bring your dog to The Doggie Depot for a full day of play!  They'll get much needed exercise and socialization in our huge play yard, all in a clean, safe, caring environment.  No reservation required!  Call us at 217.234.1226!  All dogs must be screened and have a complete vaccination record prior to their first play care visit.  

Monday-Friday 7:00 am- 6:00 pm

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